Chardon Elementary Schools 
Counseling Program
Mrs. Erika Barnett, Elementary School Counselor [photo credit:  Pastor Photography]

Mrs. Erika Barnett 
is the Chardon Local School District's Elementary School counselor.

Our comprehensive school counseling program promotes social, emotional, 
academic and career development.

Mrs. Barnett's on-site availability is as follows:

Chardon Early Learning Center:  Wednesdays
Munson Elementary School:  Tuesdays and Fridays
Park Elementary School:  Mondays and Tuesdays

Mrs. Barnett can be reached by calling your student's school main office 
or by sending an email to [email protected].

Park Elementary's Counseling Program includes:

2021-22 Classroom Guidance Lessons 
(schedule subject to change)

AUGUST:  Introduction to School Counselor - PBIS Matrix
SEPTEMBER:  Zones of Regulation and Start with Hello Week
OCTOBER:  Zones — Expected/Unexpected Behaviors/Bullying (Bully Prevention Month and Red Ribbon Week)
NOVEMBER:  Zones — Coping Strategies
DECEMBER:   Kindness and Caring — Fill a Bucket
JANUARY:  Character Trait Centers
FEBRUARY:  Respect
MARCH:  Career Exploration
APRIL:  Perseverance
May:   Lesson Based on Needs Assessment

Small Group Counseling
  • Student Success Skills
  • Family Changes
  • Self-Control
  • Friendship Skills
  • Grief and Loss
  • Self-Confidence
  • +MORE
Individual Counseling
Mrs. Barnett meets with students on an individual basis as needed to address various issues and concerns.

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