Park Elementary Home

Park Elementary Home

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Transportation Policies Reminder

Students must get on and off the bus at their assigned stop.  Students are ONLY allowed to ride their own assigned bus to and from school. Students are NOT allowed to ride home on any other bus but their own (we do NOT allow students to ride the bus to a friend's house). Special circumstances must be discussed with a building administrator at least 24 hours in advance of requested exceptions to this policy.

Confidential Reporting Resource

Stay Safe Speak UP! Easy & Confidential Reporting Line; Call toll-free 1-866-listen2me Press 1 to record a message, Press 2 to speak to someone; Call or go online to report issues that affect education or safety: Abuse (physical, sexual or mental); Alcohol/Drugs/Tobacco; Bullying/Harassment/Intimidation; Discrimination; Hacking/Cyber Crime; Health Concerns; Suicidal/Self-Abuse; Suspicious Behavior; Theft; Threats (bomb, physical, other); Vandalism; Violence/Fighting; Weapons/Dangerous Items; Public School Works' Stay Safe Speak UP! line is available all day, every day!
A K-12 student safety and bullying prevention program. Students or parents can click the above image OR this Stay Safe Speak Up! link to submit a confidential report.

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