Facilities and Operations

Facilities and Operations

Facilities and Operations

Steven Kofol, Asst Supt for Business Affairs [photo credit:  Pastor Photography]
Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs

The Business Affairs Department supports students and staff by overseeing buildings and grounds, transportation, food service, and maintenance. 

The department oversees construction projects, capital improvement projects such as needed repairs to classrooms or buildings and recommends methods to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of operations.

Gretchen Wolfe - Secretary for Business Affairs
PH 440-286-0507
PAULETTE COLWILL - Interim Transportation Supervisor
[email protected]
PH 440-286-0501

Latifa Stewart - Assistant Transportation Supervisor
[email protected]
Bob Thompson - Transportation Assistant 
PH 440-286-0502

JOSEPHINE CULLITON - Director of Food Services
[email protected]                                      
PH 440-286-0425                        
F 440-285-9463  

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