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Community Flyers

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Flyer Policies & Procedures

What is Chardon Local Schools' submission and review process for a Community Flyer?
An organization with an opportunity for PreK-12 students and/or their families should submit their flyer via email to our Communications Director, Kelly Misch, at [email protected]
If approved by our administration for distribution, Kelly Misch will contact you to notify you of the approval. The flyer is then added to this page and set to expire on your specified end date. 

What is Chardon Local Schools' policy for approving flyers for this page?
The school district has a long-established limited public forum for the distribution (posting) of informational flyers at the discretion of the administration. 
Community meetings and information are routinely distributed/posted, including flyers for community events and for organizations that are not always school-based activities but offer potential benefits to students. This information is distributed/posted with no express endorsement of the content of the meeting or encouraging attendance at the activity/event.  

Can Chardon Schools add my approved flyer to school e-newsletters too?
In order to provide a streamlined location for events not sponsored by the school district, community flyers - as of April 2022 - are no longer attached to school e-newsletters. Instead, the link to this Community Flyers web page is:
  • shared in our weekly school newsletters
  • linked as a menu option on each of our school websites
  • listed under Quick Links on the district website
Can hard copies of my approved flyer be distributed to the schools?
The submission and review process described above also applies to organizations requesting distribution of hard copies of flyers to schools. Only once you have followed that process and received approval from the Communications Director will your flyer be considered for hard copy distribution in our schools.
Your organization is responsible for the printing copies of the (approved) flyer and sorting them into bundles of 30 to keep distribution manageable for our school offices.

Advance notice of hard copy distribution to a school(s) should be given to the Communications Director prior to delivering copies to the school(s).

Please contact Kelly Misch at [email protected] or 440.286.0409.
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