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Community Flyers

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Are you a community organization or business with an event or resource you'd like shared to this web page?

Please review all procedures:
No Express Endorsement
Chardon Local Schools has a long-established limited public forum for the distribution (posting) of informational flyers at the discretion of the administration. 

Community meetings and information — submitted to the District — are routinely posted to this page, including flyers for community events and for organizations that are not always school-based activities but offer potential benefits to students.

This information is posted with no express endorsement of the content of the meeting or encouraging attendance at the activity/event.  

Submission & Review Process
An organization with an opportunity for PreK-12 students and/or their families should submit their flyer via email to
[email protected]

Your flyer is reviewed by Chardon Schools administration. If approved for posting, the flyer will be linked to this page and an expiration date will be set based on the date of the event or class series.

Access to Community e-Flyers
This Community Flyers page serves as the hub for community flyers submitted to the District / approved for posting and is linked:

No Hard Copies, Please
Please do not drop off printed flyers at our school buildings. We are 100% digital with community flyers as we receive about 150-200 flyer requests per year. With that volume, we can no longer accommodate hard copy distribution in our schools. 

District Social Media
A frequent question we receive is whether the District can share a community flyer to the Chardon Schools social media pages. Please understand that with receiving about 150-200 flyer requests per year, we cannot accommodate social media requests.

The District reserves its social media pages for District- and school-specific content.

Please contact [email protected] or 440.286.0409.
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