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Welcome to the Chardon Middle School Counseling Department. We are committed to helping our students achieve their highest potential.  We work with students to promote social, emotional, academic, and career development.

Our office is located next to the main office on the first floor of the middle school. You may contact the counselors by calling the main office at 
(440) 285-4062. You will be connected to the counseling offices.

4th Grade School Counselor - Ms. Janelle Stuart [email protected]
5th Grade School Counselor-  Mrs. Kate Collins [email protected]
6th Grade School Counselor - Mrs. Karin Hillman [email protected]  
7th Grade School Counselor - Mrs. Kate Collins [email protected]

Karin Hillman staff headshot photo (Pastor Photography)
Mrs. Karin Hillman
Kate Collins staff headshot photo (Pastor Photography)

Mrs. Kate Collins
Janelle Stuart, staff headshot photo (Pastor Photography)

Ms. Janelle Stuart

CMS Counseling Programs Include:

Schoolwide Programs - Student of the Month Recognition
Classroom Guidance Lessons - Social Conflict Prevention, Student Success Skills, Problem Solving, Personal Safety, and Career Exploration
Small Group Counseling - Student Success Skills, Family Changes, Self-Control, Friendship Skills, Grief and Loss and Self-Confidence
Individual Counseling - Where we meet with students on an individual basis as needed to address various issues and concerns.

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