Principal's Message

Principal's Message


CHS Principal Doug Murray [photo credit:  Pastor Photography]

Dear CHS Parents/Guardians:

As a Chardon native, graduate and educator, I am proud to call Chardon my home.

I have spent most of my life writing and speaking in metaphors, analogies and parables. Empowering others to reach beyond the surface of knowledge is one key to the success of any organization. Furthermore, cultivating a community that thrives and nurtures students to define themselves - within their story - is what makes us so strong at Chardon.

Cultivating takes knowledge, work ethics, and relentless effort. Whether gardening, farming, or working towards a new skill-the intentional decisions to yield the outcome we long for takes time, patience, and skill. 


We are embarking on the 149th “season” of commencing students and beginning to prepare a season to yield students who are ready to model our mission, vision, and values without disruption.


Our core values are instrumental in everything we do at Chardon High School. These values embody our actions, live inside of the standards, and mirror the expectations that we share in Chardon. The last seventeen months have provided us a time to reflect on many important aspects of school. The one part that keeps ringing in our minds is the value of nurturing ourselves back.


The focus this year will be just that- Nurturing ourselves back to our mission without barriers to hold us back. The time is right to cultivate, and nurture our relationships, our learning, our achievement, our experiences, our mind, our wellness. 


I took time this summer to nurture myself, my family, and my energy. The beauty of reflection creates the opportunity to nourish the areas of our lives that weathered many storms. By my nature, I am introverted, an active listener, and always preparing. 


This ability to self-reflect most likely blossomed from my father. Growing up in western Pennsylvania, he worked the fields, mines, and learned the value of respect, empathy, and hard work. He instilled in all of us a passion to focus upon commitment, service, and family. 


My parents raised us in Chardon to reflect upon nurturing each other, our community, and personal passions. I can tell you this… Chardon cultivates people who understand the value of hard work, the value of community, and the value of being optimistic regardless of the circumstances. 


The last several months have created opportunities for each of us to reflect upon the areas of our lives that we love, and the areas of our lives that need growth. Just as any plant needs the sun, water, and rich soil--we reciprocate that process with shining brightness on others, nourishing each other with kindness and a commitment to serve our neighbor in a community that is rich in tradition and excellence. 


This year is ripe for a renewed emphasis on our mission of high achievement for all students with a renewed emphasis on learning. This season is prime for traditions to bloom all over this campus with student activities, and this school year is ours to maximize on the areas that we long to renew: personal relationships, personalized learning, and a commitment to renew our mission, vision, and values.

Hilltoppers are all a part of something much bigger than ourselves - much greater than the 88 square miles of our district. The most important hallmark to reflect upon is the reality that your influence matters, your words matter, and your efforts are the key elements that make us so strong. 

My continued vision is to cultivate and continue to build upon the relationships of all students and staff, focusing on gratitude, building upon our core values and PBIS initiatives, refining our programs, and sharing our message and story with the community.

Families and our students are strongly encouraged to stay in touch with the latest weekly information and announcements from CHS via the Week in Reflection Newsletter.


Douglas P. Murray

CHS Principal

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