About Our School

About Our School

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Tiny Toppers Integrated Preschool
Did you know that school districts are required to provide special-education services for children beginning at age 3?

Tiny Toppers Integrated Preschool, a Step Up to Quality 5-Star Rated Program, was founded on an inclusion philosophy wherein typically developing Tiny Toppers students (also known as "role model" students) are educated together with Tiny Toppers students receiving specialized services. A developmental and play-based approach is used in a safe and structured environment that fosters individualized learning and development of our youngest learners while helping them understand that the same things matter to all people — life, goodness and friendship.

Preschool special education takes place in a student’s least restrictive setting:

  • Location of services is based on a student’s level of need.
  • Some preschool classrooms have a combination of students with & without disabilities.
  • Maximum of 16 students per classroom.
  • Other Tiny Toppers preschool classrooms have fewer students:
    • Only students with disabilities
    • Maximum of 8 students
As of the 2021-22 school year, Tiny Toppers Integrated Preschool continues to increase in enrollment, currently educating over 100 students!
For more information about our Preschool, please visit the Pre-K Intro Resources tab accessible through the Chardon Early Learning Center's main menu OR visit the following LINK.

Tiny Toppers Kindergarten
Our Kindergarten classes are on an all-day, everyday format as of the 2019-20 school year!

ALSO exciting — all of the district's Kindergarten classes were relocated from Munson Elementary and Park Elementary to the current Chardon Early Learning Center (formerly known as Maple Elementary) building just prior to the start of the 2020-21 school year. This move was initially in response to the pandemic and the need for greater space.

However...what a wonderful opportunity this became for all of the district's Kindergarten classes to be housed under one roof and for all Pre-K and Kindergarten students and staff to be together in the same building! The benefits have been tenfold, and so are continuing with this configuration with the two grade levels (Pre-K and KDG) now unified under the umbrella name Chardon Early Learning Center as of summer 2021.

Tiny Toppers Pre-K and Kindergarten students benefit from:

  • An early childhood culture building-wide
  • More opportunities for cross classroom instruction
  • Increased targeted intervention specific to the needs of 5- and 6-year-old students
  • Positive behavior supports aligned to 3- to 6-year-old students
  • Aligned curriculum and instruction between all classrooms
For more information about Kindergarten, please visit the KDG Intro Resources tab accessible through the Chardon Early Learning Center's main menu OR visit the following LINK.

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