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The Chardon Science Olympiad competition season has begun. Teams across Ohio and the nation represent their schools at regional competitions at the highest level of academic achievement in science, technology, engineering and math. Each of the science olympiad events requires in-depth understanding of rigorous science content, teamwork, and real-world problem solving.
Students in grades 6-9 compete in Division B, and students in grades 9-12 compete in Division C.  Here are the results from recent area competitions. Chardon Science Olympiad thanks you for your support and encouragement!

Westlake Invitational – Division C (grades 9-12)
5th Place Rocks and Minerals Asher Vokoun and Tyler Mothersbaugh

Kenston Invitational – Division C (grades 9-12) - 8th Place Trophy overall

1st Place Game On – Drew Williams and Christen Niedzielski

1st Place Remote Sensing – Alex Schragal and Drew Williams

2nd Place Dynamic Planet – Drew Williams and Emily Munoz

2nd Place Rocks and Minerals = Asher Vokoun and Christen Niedzielski

4th Place Experimental Design – Drew Williams, Heather Humbert and Serena Gromack

5th Place Herpetology – Josh Campbell and Megan McCartney

6th Place Disease Detectives – Asher Vokoun and Heather Humbert

6th Place Mousetrap Vehicle – Alex Schragal

7th Place Dynamic Planet – John Meleski and Will Kurtz

8th Place Disease Detectives – Hannah Romanoff and Reagan Halford

8th Place Materials Science – Asher Vokoun and Heather Humbert

8th Place Optics – Alex Schragal and Drew Williams

8th Place Towers – Alex Schragal and Heather Humbert

Kenston Invitational – Division B (grades 6-9)

2nd Place Crime Busters – Evan Germ and Joseph Joaquin

2nd Place Herpetology – Brady Williams and Nathan Eads

2nd Place Thermodynamics – Daniel Brill and Zane Kuhnle

3rd Place Towers – Daniel Brill and Jason Watson

4th Place Rocks and Minerals – Owen Vokoun and Nathan Eads

4th Place Solar System – Daniel Brill and Sebastian Marker

5th Place Microbe Mission – Matthew Brown and Lailah Pugh

5th Place Optics – Daniel Brill and Jason Watson

6th Place Meteorology – Alex Reed and Brady Williams

6th Place Potions and Poisons – Zane Kuhnle and Paige Yamamoto

7th Place Experimental Design – Brady Williams, Owen Vokoun and Nathan Eads

7th Place Potions and Poisons – Evan germ and Joseph Joaquin

7th Place Road Scholar – Ian Quinn and Brady Williams

7th Place Solar System Lillian Husek and Jillian Morrison

7th Place Wright Stuff – Joseph Joaquin and Michael Oh

8th Place Crime Busters – Zane Kuhnle and Paige Yamamoto

8th Place Experimental Design – Tim Meleski, Grace Fullum and Noah Munoz

8th Place Hovercraft – Ethan Fuerst and Sebastian Marker

8th Place Mystery Architecture – Evan Germ and Tim Meleski




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