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Model U.N. Autumn 2021 Conference
logos; staff and student posed photos

December 11, 2021 — Seventeen delegates from Chardon High School’s Model United Nations team competed in the Autumn Model U.N. Conference held Nov. 17-18 at Case Western Reserve University. The team, advised by CHS teacher Kristen Niedzwiecki, participates through the Cleveland Council on World Affairs’ Model U.N. program, which has organized conferences for area students since 1941.

Through simulations of international affairs, Model U.N. student delegates gain experience at recognizing different perspectives, communicating ideas to diverse audiences, and applying their knowledge creatively through research, debate and conferences.

Debate topics at the autumn conference included equitable vaccine distribution, preventing future pandemics, preventing conflicts over water scarcity, managing plastic waste disposal, accountability for human rights violations during crises, and protecting the rights of migrant workers.

"It was a great first experience at a Model U.N. conference,” said senior Sebastian Marker. “I learned a lot about the realistic side of international politics while connecting with students from many other school districts. I can’t wait to improve my knowledge at future conferences.”

Both Sebastian and CHS senior Isabella Glauser are not only first-time Model U.N. team members but also recipients of the fall conference's Excellent Delegation Award for the Human Rights Committee representing Senegal.

“Chardon brought one of the larger delegations and represented Chardon High School well," said Mrs. Niedzwiecki. "The kids work for months to get ready, doing extensive research and preparing their position papers and debate topics,” she said. “They amaze me with their diligence and tenacity, and their global awareness is expanding exponentially.”
CHS junior Maysen Jahnke described the autumn conference as "competitive and driven".

“I felt safe despite COVID and everyone there was very nice and it was easy to collaborate with others,” said sophomore Lauren Lester. “I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

The high school's fall conference participants were as follows:

Human Rights Committee
Chloe Brewster (junior), Maddie Downs (junior) — Pakistan
Isabella Glauser (senior) Sebastian Marker (senior) — Senegal
Ryan Grau (sophomore), Sydney Murray (junior)  — China
Halle Hemly (junior), Faith Kilfoyle (junior) — France
Jen Kogovsek (sophomore), Abigail Wroblewski (junior) — Libya

United Nations Environmental Programme
Julia Ellington (sophomore)  — India
Alexis Jahnke (junior), Julianne Sweet (junior) — USA
Lauren Lester (sophomore) — Libya

World Health Organization
Molly Evans (junior), Maysen Jahnke (junior) — Canada
Katie Snyder (senior) — Nigeria

"We love seeing all the energy local high school students are bringing to our Model U.N. conference today," stated CCWA on its Facebook page on Nov. 18. "During this International Education Week, more than 200 students discuss, debate, and develop solutions to global challenges at our Autumn Model UN conference at Case Western Reserve University. Thank you to all the schools and students who participated. CCWA is proud to offer this program to help spark the next generation's interest in current global issues."


Most recently, CHS Model U.N. members Morgan Fisher, Isabella Glauser Lauren Lester, Katherine Snyder and Sebastian Marker participated in the Winter Model UN Conference at Lorain Community College Dec. 8-9.


Editor's Note: We’ll be sure catch up with Mrs. Niedzwiecki this week so we can share updates from last week's winter conference!


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Kelly Misch
Communications Director
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