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Curriculum Communication
Chardon Local Schools mountain axe logo; headshot photo of Asst Superintendent Dr. Klein

November 5, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The mission of the Chardon Local School District is High Achievement for All Students, Where Learning is Our Most Important Work. The Chardon Local School District is a high-performing school district, consistently ranking in the top ten percent of schools across the state.

Our curriculum is aligned with the state standards, and our teachers, principals, and support staff consistently work to ensure that all students achieve at high levels.

The Chardon Local School District has a tradition of transparency. All of our curricula can be reviewed under Academic Courses of Study on our Curriculum and Instruction web page.

Our curriculum is arranged to promote the 4Es:

  • Employment
  • Enlistment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Continued Education

The following revised curricula will be presented to the Board later this month — K-12 English Language Arts.

Additionally, we have revised career development instruction (Career-Based Instruction), increasing opportunities for Chardon students to earn industry certifications and career technical training. This curriculum will also be presented to the Board later this month.

Parents are a vital part of education in Chardon. Current Board policy encourages parents with questions regarding curriculum to communicate with their child’s teacher and principal.

These revised curricula are available for public review prior to Board approval. 

If you have any questions, please contact:

Ed Klein, Ph.D.
Assistant Superintendent
[email protected]