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Gas Line Replacement Project

action photos of Maintenance Team Members Chris May (lead maintenance), Paul Marks and Ken Shieff working on the gas line replacement at the Maintenance Building on 3/24/2022

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March 25, 2022 — Among the projects underway in the district's facilities this week is the replacement of an underground gas line that connects a main feed from the high school to the maintenance building.

Where is the Maintenance Building?
The Maintenance building is the gray structure located just west of the Maple Avenue bus garage parking lot. This building houses the Maintenance Department's office, workshop and supply storage, etc.

What are some details on this project?
The existing gas line has incurred multiple perforations as a result of aging, ultimately causing a drop in gas pressure; and thus, loss of heat to the maintenance building as of earlier this month. 

To prepare for the gas line replacement, the Chardon maintenance team hand (shovel) dug the work area for access. Using a backhoe was not a feasible option due to proximity of fiber optic, water and sewer lines to the gas line.

Who's Who in the Photos?
When we stopped by on Thursday afternoon, lead maintenance Mr. Chris May (in red) was on the scene working on the line replacement with maintenance team members Mr. Paul Marks (in blue) and Mr. Ken Shieff. 

In the workshop photo, you'll see Mr. May building a coupler for the project.

Anticipated Outcome & Our Appreciation
With a bit of snow and colder temperatures back on the horizon, the district looks forward to the Maintenance Department having heat restored to their building and appreciates their diligent efforts in addressing this project!

Questions regarding current and upcoming facilities projects can be directed to the assistant superintendent of business affairs, Mr. Steven Kofol, at [email protected].


District Media Contact:

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