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Visitor Bleachers Project at Memorial Field

caption: Capital Improvement Project - Phase I Disassembly of Visitors Bleachers; photos of existing structure - partially disassembled

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March 25, 2022 — The Chardon maintenance team embarked on preparatory work this week for the replacement of the Memorial Field visitor bleachers structure, beginning with the disassembly of the existing structure.

Historical Note
As announced by the district last year, an inspection completed by an independent company indicated that this 20-year-old temporary structure failed in several key categories with a recommendation for complete replacement due to safety concerns.

What's Up Next?
Next is concrete pad installation. In preparation for the concrete pad installation, bid specifications were published the week of March 21. A concrete pad is needed as the new bleacher structure cannot be installed on asphalt.

To learn more, including deadlines and specification details of the concrete pad project, please visit the Facilities web page of the district website at

Anticipated Outcome
Following concrete pad installation and construction of the new visitors bleacher structure, Memorial Field will have a visitors bleacher structure that is approximately 50-percent the size of the previous (existing) structure, providing a 700-seat capacity.

Questions regarding the district’s facilities projects can be directed to the assistant superintendent of business affairs, by email to Mr. Steven Kofol, at [email protected] or by calling the department during school hours at 440-286-0507.


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