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4th Grade Maturation Lessons

Greetings 4th Grade Families: 

Each year during 4th grade in Chardon Local Schools our district nursing staff presents a maturation presentation to our students.  It is our intent to present this timely information to your children this year as well.  Boys and girls will be separated and age-appropriate and gender-specific information will be presented.  

The presentation for the 4th grade boys is currently scheduled for Thursday, May 19; and for the girls on Friday, May 20.  

Parents are encouraged to review THIS very brief slide presentation highlighting the learning goals and objectives of the sessions.  To further inform parents of what the presentation will entail, below is the information that was previously prepared for virtual learning students over the past few years.  District nurses Chelsie Jackson and/or Sarah Park will be taking the lead on these presentations this year, but the presentations and information below is similar to the structure your students will experience in-person this year.

  1. Introduction to virtual maturation lesson - click HERE
  2. Watch Changing Video:  Boys;    Girls
  3. Maturation recap- click HERE.

Should you have any questions regarding these presentations, please contact District Lead Nurse [email protected]

If you do NOT want your child to participate, please e-mail me directly


Timothy Velotta, CMS Principal

[email protected]

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