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Park Elementary Earns a 2021 Ohio PBIS Silver Award

Park Elementary 2021 Ohio PBIS Silver Award - Park is Positive, Attentive, Responsible and Kind; Chardon Middle School 2021 Ohio PBIS Silver Award: CMS is Caring, Mindful and Solution-Focused;Chardon High School is a 2021 Ohio PBIS Bronze Award Winner - CHS embraces Community, Humility, Achievement, Respect, Dignity, Optimism, Nurture; Chardon Early Learning Center 2021 Ohio PBIS Bronze Award - CELC promises to be safe, be kind, and try your best; Munson Elementary 2021 Ohio PBIS Silver Award - Munson Toppers Take Responsibility, Open your mind, Participate, Persevere, Encourage Others, Respect Everyone and Strive for Excellence

Oct. 8, 2021 — Chardon Local Schools received award letters this summer from the State Support Team Region 4 on our 2021 achievements in and dedicated commitment to the implementation of PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) in our schools:

  • Park Elementary School (Ohio PBIS Silver Recognition Award)
  • Chardon Local School District (Ohio PBIS District Recognition Award)
  • Chardon Early Learning Center PreK (Ohio PBIS Bronze Recognition Award)
  • Chardon High School (Ohio PBIS Bronze Recognition Award)
  • Chardon Middle School (Ohio PBIS Silver Recognition Award)
  • Munson Elementary School (Ohio PBIS Silver Recognition Award)
On December 9, 2021, the Ohio Leadership and Advisory Council Action Forum and PBIS Conference and Showcase event will include a celebration of these achievements via a virtual format.

The PBIS program, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, is designed to enhance social, emotional and academic outcomes for all students through a three-tiered approach focused on prevention of behavioral issues rather than punishment.

Each tier is designed to align to the type of support students need:

Tier 1 — Universal Prevention (All)
  • Emphasizes prosocial skills and expectations by teaching and acknowledging appropriate student behavior
  • Utilizes an established leadership team, regular meetings, a commitment statement for establishing a positive school-wide social culture, professional development plans, and more.
  • Practices include a continuum of procedures for encouraging expected behavior; a continuum of procedures for discouraging problem behavior; and procedures for encouraging school-family partnership; and more. To learn more, visit
Park Elementary's PBIS guiding principles are reflected in the school's acrostic poem, which is a helpful way for students to remember the school's culture of responsible citizenship:

P — Positive
A — Attentive
R — Responsible
K — Kind

As one example of PBIS Tier 1 implementation in the classroom for all students, Munson Elementary Hilltoppers can earn a Topper Ticket as reinforcement when they demonstrate expected behaviors. The school's behavioral pillars are creatively illustrated for students through an acrostic poem of the word Toppers, a poem that is displayed on posters throughout the school as a reminder of the school's culture of responsible citizenship:

T — Take responsibility
O — Open your mind
P — Participate
P — Persevere
E — Encourage others
R — Respect everyone
S — Strive for excellence

King, a first-grade student in teacher Mrs. Green's class at Munson Elementary, received a Topper Ticket last month for demonstrating "T". King took responsibility by pushing in the chairs for his classmates who had forgotten to do so.

Chardon Middle School's PBIS motto for students is summarized in the school's acrostic poem.

I Am...
C — Caring
M — Mindful
S — Solution Focused

Chardon High School's PBIS implementation builds upon the school's long-standing establishment of an acrostic poem of core values:

C — Community
H — Humility
A — Achievement
R — Respect
D — Dignity
O — Optimism
N — Nurture
"At its heart, PBIS calls on schools to teach kids about behavior, just as they would teach about any other subject — like reading or math," said CHS principal Mr. Murray. "PBIS recognizes that kids can only meet behavior expectations if they know what the expectations are. A hallmark of a school using PBIS is that everyone knows what’s appropriate behavior."

Mr. Murray added that over the last two decades, the school has added programs such as Freshman Mentoring, AC4P (Actively Caring for People), Core Values Teams, and Interact Club and positive relationship-building and soft skills focus to help bolster the school culture.

At the Chardon Early Learning Center, home to the district's Kindergarten and pre-Kindergarten classes, both Tier 1 and Tier 2 PBIS are being implemented this school year. The Tiny Toppers PBIS team was trained in early August on Tier 2 practices, and the school is actively implementing strategies to support students.

Tier 2 — Targeted Prevention (Some)
  • Provides targeted support for students who are not successful with Tier 1 supports alone with a focus on supporting students who are at risk for developing more serious problem behavior before those behaviors start.
  • Utilizes an intervention team with a coordinator; behavioral expertise; a screening process used to identify students needing Tier 2 support; and more.
  • Practices include increased instruction and practice with self-regulation and social skills; increased adult supervision; and increased pre-corrections. To learn more, visit
Tier 3 — Intensive, Individualized Prevention (Few)
This support practice is needed only for students for whom Tier 1 and Tier 2 supports have not connected. To learn more, visit

Chardon Local Schools' 2021 PBIS award notification letters can be accessed at the following link: PBIS Award Letters 2021.pdf


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